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FEJAR participation in Warsaw

On November 22-23, FEJAR has participated in the 9th International Conference on Pathological Gambling and Other Behavioral Addictions, held in Warsaw, as in previous editions. The event was online given the current circumstances. On this occasion, FEJAR participated in the morning of the 23rd with the presentation “Treatment of comorbidity in Gambling and Video Game Disorder (Internet Gambling Disorder), by our colleagues Lucía Fernández (Social Worker) and Rosana Santolaria (Psychologist). This topic was chosen given the publication of the Intervention Manual for the Treatment of Gambling and Video Game Disorder, elaborated by FEJAR this year. For several years now, the use of video games has not only been steadily increasing in our society, but also has repercussions derived from the use we make of this recreational activity. In our clinical practice with people with gambling disorders we have found that, in a high percentage, patients report an abusive use of video games prior to their problem with gambling, and in some cases, once integrated in our treatment, this consumption of video games is maintained, with the appearance of dysphoric moods that slow down the process of change in the gambling disorder. Therefore, we found it interesting and important to share in this International Conference on Pathological Gambling and Other Behavioral Addictions, the existing comorbidity between video games and gambling, as it sometimes goes unnoticed. It has been a pleasure for FEJAR to be able to share and be another year in an event as relevant as this one. Translated with (free version)