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Quality policy

The goal that FEJAR has set out in this Quality Plan is to follow the principles and requirements of the Quality Standards in force with regard to improving the social situation by improving the well-being of the people and groups involved, providing added value and guidance to the management of FEJAR to make it more effective and efficient in satisfying the needs of its member organisations and individuals.

To this end, a document has been drawn up to disclose the performance regarding the quality management that FEJAR has implemented as an objective management policy. Based on the UNE standard, it establishes basic aspects related to our nationwide context and our role as a Federation. This plan is available for the associations that request it.

Help FEJAR...

To focus its activities on meeting the needs of the final beneficiaries of its mission by offering productive support and quality services.

To enhance its organisational learning capacity by developing ever more efficient processes.

To improve safety, health, job satisfaction, equality and environmental sustainability

To achieve greater social standing – internally and externally – through ethical and transparent management.

To enhance efficiency regarding the use of resources.

To innovate and improve continuously.

Quality Policy