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What is self-banning?

One of the measures that a person who acknowledges their addiction to gambling can take is to apply to be included in the Interdiction Register of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations.
Once this application has been approved, the public administrations and the companies will prevent access to the physical venues or internet portals where gambling takes place.

What is its purpose?

Self-banning alone does not solve the problem of pathological gambling, but it helps people who are already under treatment so that, if they relapse, they can be discouraged. It also helps patients to become more aware of the problem they have. If, having acknowledged our gambling addiction, we cannot rely on willpower alone, we will have to use all the strategies available to us to help avoid relapsing into gambling.

Steps to follow


Download the application form by clicking on the following link.

*The form will open in a separate window. You can save the document using the options at the top of your Browser r (File>Save).


Fill in the application form directly on the PDF and then print it out and sign it.

*You can also print it on white paper and fill it in by hand.


You can submit the application form at any Registry Office and Police station.

*You can also visit one of the FEJAR associations where we will process the self-ban for you. You must bring your original ID card and the person requesting the self-ban must be the person handing in the application form.


You will receive a letter marked "Ministerio de Hacienda" (Ministry of Finance) confirming your registration.

*Access to this list is completely confidential and no person outside the system (individuals, companies, banks, etc.) will have access to it.