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An organisation that wants to help

FEJAR – Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers – brings together several regional Associations and Federations, from all over Spain. Its main goal is to unify criteria and actions to better defend the interests of people affected by gambling dependence.

The key question

Following the legalisation of gambling, the prevalence increased and, therefore, society has to face the key question of whether the number of people affected is increasing or whether there is actually a sociological cause that fuels the individual disorder of a sector of the population.

The easy answer

These questions about changes in society have been raised with the medical community, and very slowly with other sectors of society, but even today the “easy” and “comfortable” explanation of vice and degeneration is still latent in our society to avoid the clinical reality of the people affected.

The origins of the initiative

The social stigma attached to people affected by pathological gambling is shattered when they themselves establish intervention mechanisms and, with the help of professionals, set up the first associations of people affected, which were flooded with people in need of a lifeline to alleviate the consequences of their addiction. The late eighties and early nineties marked the birth of this platform.

FEJAR, a shared platform

Once these treatment centres had been set up, the founders of the centres themselves felt the need to join forces and bring them all together under a shared platform – this is when FEJAR was founded. From the outset, our gratitude to all of them for building our shared home in the spirit of self-improvement that still distinguishes our Federation today.

How we operate

Member Associations and Federations

The entities (Associations and Regional Federations) that make up this federation adhere to unified guidelines and criteria provided by the federation with regard to treatments followed at their respective centres, although each one clearly has its own idiosyncrasies. However, the Federation is motivated and has a common mission that pursues the same main goal, which is the rehabilitation of people with gambling disorders by following a formula that is more or less shared by all of them, which is a self-help and mutual aid system with the support of various disciplines involved in the treatment.

Multidisciplinary care and rehabilitated people

In most of the member organisations, there are professionals with training in a range of disciplines: psychology, social work, psychiatrists, therapeutic guidance, etc. However, they all have an invaluable source of wisdom and experience: the rehabilitated people and their families. Without their work, our associations would have no reason to exist as such.

First and foremost, prevention

FEJAR has felt the need to incorporate actions, resources and tools in the field of Prevention (even though it considers this should be provided by the Public Administrations), especially in matters that affect and refer to the different addictions of young people, under the premise that “good prevention achieves better results”. The goal is the reduction in the number of young people, and people in general, affected by gambling disorders.

New technologies and online interventions

FEJAR is constantly updating and preparing itself for the rapid development of all technologies and applications, which in themselves do not carry any risk, but can have devastating effects if not used properly or if used in excess.
Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers