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FEJAR is made up of different associations and federations spread throughout the national territory that join forces to establish a common proposal that places problem gambling and its rehabilitation in the place that it deserves due to its importance and social impact. Therefore, our common system to establish successful rehabilitation is based on self-help and mutual help with the collaboration of rehabilitated players and their families, with the participation of different professionals such as psychologists and social workers and other professionals; as well as knowledge of the disease in general society and knowledge of the cases, particularities and new trends of this addiction through research.

FEJAR has implemented a Quality System based on the ISO 9001 standard, in the following activities:
Coordination of actions between associations and regional federations of Gamblers of Chance in Rehabilitation throughout the national territory and analysis of the results obtained. Carrying out population information programs on pathological gambling. Promotion of research tasks for the development of professional actions related to the rehabilitation of Gamblers, games that create addition, new technologies and other non-substance addictions. Provision of therapeutic services online, through psychological intervention and Self-Help and Mutual Help in those cases in which in-person therapies cannot be attended in the integrated associations.

The objectives of FEJAR go through the unification of criteria and actions among all their members, for the best defense of the interests of those affected by the Dependency on gambling and other non-substance addictions, complying at all times with their applicable requirements both at the level of statutes as legal requirements that apply to it. For it:

For all these reasons, FEJAR aims to achieve the full satisfaction of the associations and federations it represents by being a framework of reference for establishing their quality objectives, oriented towards the continuous improvement of its associates.

It aims to achieve maximum motivation regarding Quality in its Board of Directors and General Assembly, motivating its associates and giving them the opportunity to develop and promote the actions carried out in each of them, their professional knowledge, promotion of activities that help obtain greater presence within their territories, etc.