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II Meeting of Women Living with Pathological Gambling Addiction

Last Saturday, November 27th, the Spanish Federation of Rehabilitated Gamblers organized for the second consecutive year the Meeting of Women who live with gambling addiction, in which 50 women interacted, being located in different provinces and representing the whole national territory, women who are currently under treatment for gambling addiction, in entities integrated in FEJAR, as well as rehabilitated women and women relatives of people affected by gambling, visualizing that “WE ARE NOT THE ONLY ONES, WE ARE NOT ALONE”. The meeting began with a welcome to the attendees and the participation of the Minister of Health, Ms. Carolina Darias, who expressed the Government’s support for women affected by gambling disorders and highlighted FEJAR’s work in this area. Also present at the meeting was the Advisor of the Government Delegation for the National Plan on Drugs, Mrs. Mº Jesús Calcedo, who explained the situation of women with this type of disorder in the studies carried out by the Delegation and gave support and encouragement to all the affected women who attended the meeting. It has created a climate of trust, differentiated, added to what we usually are, in which different activities were shared, such as the workshop “Letting go”, by Eva María García, manager of the Radian Center, the reading of poems by the writer Ana Muñoz, from the book “Madriguera”, a workshop on self-esteem was held, with a very interesting presentation by Amalia Morales, professor of Social Work at the University of Granada, and finally, there was the participation of a young representative of the world of video games, who is currently joining the associations. We have had the opportunity to talk, to converse, to give a voice to women who often are not heard, or do not have the strength to raise their voice in a quiet, close, therapeutic, motivating space, in which different testimonies, experiences, experiences of affected women have been shared with motivating messages to those who do not dare to knock on the doors of an association to seek treatment. We have had spaces to share concerns, perspectives, reflections,… spaces of strengthening and empowerment, as well as to take charge of the situation of each one and to look for strategies and precise resources to change what they do not like or do not feel well, making a transformation of their reality, of their life! It has been a very pleasant experience, with a very high evaluation by the women who have participated and very motivated to meet again. The recommendation for other women who live with compulsive gambling to attend and participate in future events was 100%. Translated with (free version)